Ask me anything   Submit   In which Al and Matt share text messages via iPhone.

Send a request or submit your own text message in either writing and I will make it, or a picture that you have made, and it will be posted here. (:

princess-sparkly-cuddler asked: This blog is perfection and makes me laugh so much, keep up the lovely work, friend ♥


awww thank you so much! i really appreciate it. (: <3

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gosh darn those postal services leaving packages in the weirdest places

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send me some asks (◕‿◕✿)

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cheesy pick up lines okay??

shame on you alfred

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guess who’s back

back again

we are back

tell a friend

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((wow i’d almost forgotten all about this blog! o: i’d like to get it up and running again uwu who’s game? :D))

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